Dec 18- We Are Fam-il-y!

Meditation: Balance, Daily Meditation
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Our bedroom in my uncles’ house, Huntington, IN
How It Felt: Loved it!

My family’s Christmas party was a blast this year. We were having so much fun that we stayed up playing cards and laughing until 4:30am- and then went to the kitchen to pick over what was left of the food spread before finally turning in. Totally ridiculous and good for the soul.

And I still meditated before I went to sleep!

It was so wonderful to see everyone. Even my dad was there, which was actually a really nice surprise. If you’ve followed this blog you might know that our relationship is a bit challenging. I love my dad so much but his alcoholism is very real, so we only connect when he’s been sober for a good chunk of time. He’s doing well now, and it warmed my heart to see him in full grandpa mode with my niece and nephews.

Three of my sisters were there, and very seldom are four of us together in the same place at the same time! I got to catch up with my brothers-in-law and lots of cousins, my aunts and everyone else- just so much joy and laughter and love.

I definitely didn’t feel angry or want to think about feeling angry, so instead of going back to the Headspace series I’ve started, I opened the Balance app. They have a new feature- a daily ten minute customizable meditation. After answering a couple of questions about my state of mind, I was treated to a satisfying meditation built just for me. I was feeling super grateful, and it felt good to focus on that.

We are back home in Michigan now, totally exhausted. I’m definitely paying for the fun I had, but I wouldn’t take back one minute! I’m a lucky lady to come from such a tight, loving family. They can drive me crazy sometimes, but, hey, isn’t that exactly what family is supposed to do?

Love how the Balance app offers so many options for customization!