Dec 19- Christmas Countdown

Meditation: Balance, Breathe: Relax Deeply (4-7-8)
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Michigan
How It Felt: Hard

Yesterday was basically a recovery day for me. Steve and I drove home, ate, showered, relaxed. We read a bit, and he gave me a shoulder massage. He had a regular work day today, so he went to bed and I stayed up to watch The Great British Baking Show and snack, my appetite finally returning at night.

Then I slept something like ten hours! Feeling much more “myself” today.

Right before bed, I did a short meditation from the Balance app- one of the “Breathe” options. I was trying to relax my mind and get it prepped for sleep, but I could not seem to get the breathing right! Maybe because I was a little stuffed up, maybe because I was so tired. I could usually breathe in for four, but I struggled to hold for seven or push a long breathe out of my mouth for eight.

That almost never happens!

I do think I was just exhausted. I fell asleep less than sixty seconds after I finished the session, truth be told. Sometimes our body just hits a wall and is like, “no- no more.”

Okay, five days ’til Christmas! We are in good shape, 95% done with gift shopping, some wayward packages to track down and some wrapping to do. Holiday cards need stamped and sent. We have a few slow days this week, then it will be all kids, little Christmas celebrations with different families and friends, and a mini trip to Canada to visit some of Steve’s family. Then packing up, back to California, and on our way to Tahoe!

My point being, I’m excited to enjoy the calm before the storm this week. I have one little online gig booked tomorrow, an easy job, and then I’m likely done with work until at least January 7th, with Steve not far behind me. We both need a rest, especially together. Time to dream and goal plan and get organized for 2022!

I also want to give a gratitude shoutout because we received an unexpected but marvelous financial windfall today! Feels amazing!! Nothing like starting off the New Year strong, right??

Feeling really, really good. Less than two weeks left of this meditation project, and I’ve been reflecting back a lot on how different I feel now than I did a year ago. Lots of things to be grateful for today. Always, really. Pretty amazing.

Happy Christmas week!!

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