Dec 22- Frozen

Meditation: Calm, Daily Calm: The Breathing Space
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Michigan
How It Felt: Like a stretch 

I wish I could say that I’m getting nostalgic as this blog winds down. That, really, it’s a bittersweet parting. That I’ll miss it, a little bit, as one might miss a very needy friend once they are gone.

I wish I could say that, but it would be a lie. I cannot wait to finish reporting my life and mindset every single day in a public blog. I’ve barely journaled at all this year, and, while I’ve certainly vented and worked out my inner life to an extent right here on this website, it is not the same. I know I’m constantly procrastinating writing the next post, consistently causing me to put off meditating until the end of the day. It’s crossed into an area of taking more from my day to day life than it gives me.


As I’ve written multiple times, that feeling of accomplishment at having finished something this huge is going to go a long way. I can already feel it.

Partly my irritation is that this is exactly the time of year when I let the old year go and start fresh for the next. I’m excited to fill out my new planner, to go through all the goal planning sheets and priority exercises with Steve, to have a fresh, clean slate on which to paint my hopes and dreams. I’m excited to see who this new Sabrina is, what she’s like when she meditates every day, but without the extra repetitive task that’s been attached to it all 2021. I wonder what my morning routine will be like, and how calm I’ll feel. How will all these lessons I’ve learned manifest in 2022? What’s next??

It’s exciting.

Yet here I am, grinding out the end of my last round of goals, firmly stuck in the past.

Or, maybe, the present….

And, maybe, I actually am supposed to be present more often anyway….

So maybe this is a good thing.

Either way, let’s move it along, shall we?

I did the Daily Calm session yesterday, because, again, I didn’t want to go back to a series about anger at that moment. I’m working my way through that one slowly, and just finding what feels good in the meantime. All meditation is good meditation!

Some (barely there) snow on the ground here in Michigan. Virtual fireplace going with some Christmas jazz, Steve upstairs wrapping gifts, getting into the holiday spirit! Kids come tomorrow and lots of upcoming trips and get-togethers to plan. I just finished making our yearly donation to Heifer International- the kids go through the catalogue and pick out some chickens or shares of an alpaca every year. Trying our best to remind them how unbelievably lucky we all are. They are great kids, though. Grateful and hardworking. So proud of them!

Nine more posts after this one. I’m so ready, blog! It’s been real, and it has been long. I think I’ll switch to 30 day challenges from here on out! It’s nice to know I can do it if I really want to do it… but, frankly, I wouldn’t want to do it again!