Dec 23- Christmas Adam

Meditation: Headspace, Transforming Anger #3
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Couch in the sitting room, Michigan
How It Felt: Wonderful
Who Joined Me: Steve

Writing this on Xmas Eve! Got the house ready, Christmas dinner picked up for tomorrow (catered, because I do not love cooking enough to cook all day only to eat in twenty minutes, nor does Steve), gifts all wrapped, music playing, and ready to go! Picking up the kids shortly. Should be fun!

I’m definitely feeling my social energy waning, but still have a highly social week ahead of me, so practicing lots of pacing myself and self-care. Also reminding myself that I just have to be me- I don’t have to take care of everyone and everything! Very freeing.

Last night we sat in front of our main Christmas tree in the front room and meditated together. We were getting a little overwhelmed and the meditation helped so much. It smelled of pine every time I took a deep breath. The soft glow of the lights were perfect and peaceful. I had some realizations about which parts of being in Michigan are the most challenging for me. I love when you meditate and the key to some problem just clicks.

Frank Sinatra just came on the Christmas music station. Love that.

I’m really trying to stay out of my head and just be happy. When something bothers me, I’m saying something right away (when appropriate) and stating my needs as clearly as possible. I’m feeling my feelings but not letting them build up. I’m trying to incorporate everything I’ve learned this year, and, so far, things are easier. Nicer. More enjoyable.

Steve and I are doing a lot of dreaming and adjusting. We are both ready to have the most magical year yet, and to leave the drudgery and fear and settling in the past. I’m really excited for next year!

The meditation also gave me a great tool to use when I get frustrated. It’s all about focusing on the out breath, from beginning to end. I love that. These little tricks to get back to yourself when you need them.

Happy holidays!