Dec 24- Christmas Eve

Meditation: Headspace, Transforming Anger #4
Length: 11 minutes
Where: Sitting room, Michigan
How It Felt: Soooo calming
Who Joined Me: Steve

Downstairs at the moment, making a midnight snack to take to the reading chair in our bedroom where I have serious plans to finish my book. The kids are in bed, excited to wake up early and tear into their gifts. We prepared an egg casserole, and the cinnamon rolls are ready to jump in the oven.

I know it will be an early morning, and I should sleep…. But I never can once I get to a certain point in a good book.

I’m excited! For gifts; for our Christmas dinner, which we will have on the formal dining table we finally got, where I will break out our wedding china finally and go all out; for our plans with friends and family; for our trips to Canada and Tahoe; to get home to LA; and, most of all, for the magic that I know 2022 is bringing our way.

I’m not sure I’ve EVER been more excited for a new year.

This is going to be amazing.

Ok, back to my snack and my book. I’m so close to my reading goal this year! Trying to get there!

Merry Christmas Eve!