Dec 28- Canada

Meditation: Balance, Joy
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Michigan
How It Felt: Exciting

Driving back from Canada where we visited Steve’s very fun (and very heavy with the pours for whomever isn’t driving- that’s me) cousins and godparents/ aunt and uncle. We had such an amazing time. Now, I’m trying to remember my meditation last night…..

The holidays are so full of people. It’s a lot of magic and amazing times but it’s also a lot. All my days are running together.

I don’t know much right now… but I know I’m super grateful we got to go to Canada after two years away. I know it’s hard to be cut off from family. And I know I love the crap out of my husband.

I chose a “joy” meditation to get into the best headspace for my joy experiment next year. It was quick and fine. I’m exhausted.

Flying back to the west coast tomorrow. Home now!