Thanks for stopping by my site! I created this blog to document my journey through 365 straight days of meditating. I may be exiting 2020 a bit battered & bruised, but my hope is to make 2021 unforgettable, brilliant, and maybe even touch that elusive “inner peace” I’ve heard so much about.

I invite you to join me on my path to enlightenment (or at least to less road rage). I can’t wait to get calm AF with you all!

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Hi, I’m Sabrina! Mainly I’m an actress, but I also love to write, direct, and generally do anything creative I can get my hands on. I throw a mean theme party, and I’m completely obsessed with my handsome cat, Tigre (which you’ll find out quickly if you click that Insta link below). My beautiful home Los Angeles has my heart forever but I live in Michigan, too, and I have the coolest husband in the world. Seriously. You’d love him. Read more

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