Oct 17- New Attitude

Meditation: Headspace, Breathe
Length: 3 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Nice

This foot injury has me a little depressed. I did want to stop and rest for a hot second, and I’m happy I got a chance to do so, but now I’m ready to do things again, and it just doesn’t work. I keep thinking I can walk around “carefully” but it’s really hard not to use your big toe. Basically impossible if you’re on your feet.

Hell, I even pushed on it just rolling over in bed last night. It’s a frequently used body part!

I know it will continue to heal (yes, it’s definitely already a little better) and this will be over before I know it… but can’t it be over now? Ugh.

Let’s be real, though. Of all the times to have to stay off my feet, this is a lucky one. I get to enjoy show week for a show I’m directing without ever leaving home, since it’s all over Zoom. Because it’s show week, I didn’t pack it with much, since I wanted to be available for any last minute rehearsals or tasks. I’m attending a single loop group practice, also over Zoom. Steve comes tomorrow, so he can take care of me while I finish recuperating.

Besides, I have lots I can get done from the couch. I have to meditate and write and study a language every day- all doable from right here. I try to read a book a week and I’m three books behind or so- I can catch up! I can submit for a lot of jobs from home and most auditions are self tapes at this point, if needed. I have two scripts I need to memorize for a gig in a few weeks- I can get ahead on that.

Plus, we live in an amazing age where meals and groceries and pet products and anything I need to buy for our trip next week and basically everything that exists can be delivered right to my door- no need to be out and about more than necessary. (I did leave the house this morning to pick up some metallic, over-the-knee, chunky heeled boots I was gifted, but, obviously, shoes are a necessity.)

I shouldn’t complain. I can pay bills and clear email and catch up on TV shows and just enjoy being home. Why am I so determined to be frustrated?

Okay- new attitude. This is nice! I have some time alone with my thoughts and without a million distractions! I have time to catch up on things I always say I’ll do but seldom make time for. I can practice piano and work through more Rosetta Stone and finish that Cicely Tyson memoir!

Yes! This will be good! And maybe some positive energy will even help me heal faster! Who knows? Can’t hurt!

It’s all energy, right? Officially shifting now. Let’s make this a good time. We can do that!

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com