Feb 24- Crab

Meditation: Headspace, Under the Weather
Length: 10 minutes
Where: Living Room Couch, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Helpful

Something about me: when I’m tired, I’m crabby. No two ways about it.

I used to be able to be tired, man. I really did. I know we all feel this way about when we were younger, that we could go and go and just keep going. In my 20’s I was a machine! I would work all day, go out all night, cat nap for an hour or two, and do the whole thing all over again.

Then, life slowed down a bit, and I discovered the magic of sleep. I probably never should have shown my body what it feels like to be well rested. Now this greedy bitch wants sleep all the time. Like, every night or something.

It’s crazy.

For a long time, I could get crappy sleep for one night, and as long as I slept the next, I was chill. I could be tired for one day, no problem. Lately, I don’t even have that buffer. If I don’t get sleep, I’m a wreck. I whine all day, everything feels impossible and annoying, and I cry a lot.

Basically, I’m a toddler.

Still, sleepy days happen! I tried very hard to go to bed early last night as I had a screenwriting class today that started early in the morning (thanks a LOT New York time zone!) I really didn’t want to take anything, so I put on a nice sleep meditation and even lay down on my acupressure mat which, in the past, has put me into a deep sleep within 30 minutes.

That’s right- I did an EXTRA meditation yesterday, because I am a gold-star-loving, extra-credit-craving nerd. Bam.

No sleep came, however, for at least an hour. Then, there I was, all cozy with my cat as the little spoon, finally drifting off….. when CRASH! A dumb hook fell off the shower wall in my dumb bathroom and scared the crap out of us both!

(See? I’m crabby. I am full on 100% crab.)

After forever my heart rate finally slowed down, and I fell mercifully to sleep. Then I randomly woke at 5am, tossed and turned forever, only to finally find the deepest, dreamiest sleep imaginable right before my alarm went off.

Let me die.

The class was great, but I am not. I am cranky. I am a mess. I have a lot of stuff I have to do today, and I’m fighting through, however! Plus, nobody is here but Tigre, so I can be crabby all I want. So…. there.

I am trying. I haven’t given up on my day. I meditated! I found one on Headspace called “Under the Weather” for when you’re feeling sick or rundown or overtired. Aha. Perfect.

Then, I decided to write this blog post immediately so I could be done with it and get on with whatever else I have to get done before I can collapse into my bed and, hopefully, sleep like ten hours.

Wish me luck, friends…. and get sleep. Sleep is good. It’s so good. It’s really my favorite thing ever. The best.

Babbles off into oblivion…..

Actual photo of me today.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com