May 22- Newlyweds

Meditation: Headspace, Unguided
Length: 10 minutes
Where: On the beach, Cabo, Mexico
How It Felt: like pure paradise
Who Joined Me: Steve

Dispatch from absolute paradise here. Beautiful resort, unbelievable suite, sparkling pools, perfect sunny weather, soul soothing waves crashing against the beach….

Steve and I watched the end of the sunset and meditated, unguided, no need to focus on anything but the steady beat of the ocean and the soft sand beneath us. I left my eyes open and repeated “thank you, thank you” as the waves broke again and again.

As we walked back to our room, we passed a little outdoor wedding by the beach. We stood back a bit and watched as the beautiful couple took the floor for their first dance. I teared up as Steve and I swayed together, too, remembering our first dance six years ago- the dance lessons, the song (I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz), the layers of Vera Wang dress flying behind me as he lifted me and twirled, the sweet little girls all watching from the edge of the dance floor…

As the song for the new couple neared the end, there were suddenly fireworks over the water, and so much love, joy, and celebration, I almost couldn’t take it.