Nov 21- Together

Meditation: Balance, Foundations: Day 6
Length: 5 minutes
Where: Bedroom, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Fun!
Who Joined Me: Steve

I love meditating with Steve.

He meditates every day and so do I, but we are so often on wildly different schedules that we only get to do it together from time to time. There is something so powerful about meditating with another human being (or group), and even more so when you have a deep connection with that person.

We talked last night about how much meditation has helped me. I can’t even believe how much less stress I feel. I still get that way of course, but it moves past me so much more quickly, and builds up a lot less. Today, for instance, we got a rude email from a person in our lives who is unfortunately quite abusive and toxic- one of those people who is always looking for conflict- I’m sure we all know the type. In the past, it would have gotten us so frustrated, and we would have spent a long part of our day irritated or worked up about it. But today we just rolled our eyes and responded kindly, choosing the high road happily.

What a difference the ability to let go of things quickly makes in your life!

I know I’m getting close to the end of this year, but I can’t wait to meditate forever. I am so excited to see the person I am in five or ten years- I can’t even imagine!

I also can’t say enough positive things about the Balance app. It’s not well known so I like to share why I like it. Last night, they gave us some tips and strategies for meditating regularly, which I thought was awesome. Their sessions aren’t just about the meditations but about building skills and habits that last, and are personalized to you. Very cool!

Ok, on my break! Time to eat!