Jun 24- Zen

Meditation: Calm, Deep Sleep
Length: 10 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Extra wonderful- right to sleep!

Yesterday became a very different day than I had planned. I wanted to use all this fresh energy I have to clean the condo, get ahead on laundry, do a bunch of meal prep, basically organize my life. I had dreams of long stretches of yoga and maybe a walk outside.

I had plans.

Then, the night before, I tripped over my cat’s little cube we keep next to the bed to help him jump up. (True to cat form, he almost never uses it, but when it isn’t there, he lets you know about that. Loudly.) I fell at a weird angle, and now I have the dumbest foot injury in the world. It’s like a strained toe, by the feel of it. Amazing.

If I could describe this feeling in an emoji, it would be “monkey covering his eyes.”

So, I pivoted. Yesterday became about studying a language for a long time, submissions for new projects that seemed interesting, reading almost my entire book, ordering groceries to be delivered, those kinds of things. Happily, I booked one of those projects! An online film festival that rehearses this weekend and goes up Monday evening. So, again, my weekend looks totally different than I originally planned.

But I’m flexible AF, guys. I meditate.

(Emoji: Cool guy face with sunglasses.)

I got wrapped up in my book, reading and rereading favorite passages, and it was so late before I knew it. Hard to transition out of the last few chapters, but I had to sleep! Sleep meditation to the rescue.

Today just got super busy! I’m still hobbling a bit, but now I have two scripts to get down, flights to book now that I have my Hollywood Fringe Festival performance schedule, a long talk scheduled with one of my oldest and truly dearest friends, and I have got to finish Pride & Prejudice! It’s the type of book that makes you want to linger in its pages…but I also have two library books due back in a week that I’m dying to get through, so, push on we must.

In consolation, here is one of the best “end of meditation” pics I’ve ever gotten. I woke up to this adorable baby, since I fell asleep during the meditation. I leave it with you, now.

How wise.