Jun 17- Soak

Meditation: Balance, Immersive Forest
Length: 5 minutes
Where: In bed, Los Angeles
How It Felt: Soooo sleepy

I was totally exhausted last night, as I wrote in my last post, so after I finished my blog I immediately stretched and got into bed.

I fell asleep last time I tried the “Immersive Forest” meditation from the Balance app and decided to try it again. I figured I would either fall asleep quickly again, or get to finish my “walk” through the forest. I seemed to remember more vibrating throughout the session, but was too asleep last time to listen to the story.

I made it mostly to the end this time, long enough to “feel” my fake dog companion “breathing” and match my breath to his slow pace, then, just like that, I was out. So cool how they programmed the vibrations to give you an actual “immersive” experience!

Last day with Steve before he flies home on the red eye- it’s never long enough but he’s excited for Father’s Day with the kiddies! Soaking him up, and currently we are both soaking up the sun at the park. It’s hot, but nice to get some fresh air.

Life is good!

Look at that hottie finding his light